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Watchtower of Turkey

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HAGIA SOPHIA (AYASOFYA) : Built in 537 by Byzantine Emperor Justinianus, HAGIA SOPHIA has been the largest cathedral in the World for nearly a thousand years; it is considered the masterpiece of Byzantine architecture; after having been the Patriarchal basilica of Constantinople, it was converted into a mosque in 1453 by Sultan Mehmet II. The Conqueror and into a museum by  Atatürk in 1935.

SULTANAHMET MOSQUE (Blue Mosque) :Built in 1609 , it is-with its 6 minarets facing Ayasofya- the last dreat imperial mosque of the classcal period; its name comes from the 20.000 marvellous bue-toned Iznik tiles decorating the interior walls.

HIPPODROME It was a horse- racing track an also the sporting and social center of the Byzantine Empire; the  German Fountain, the Obelisk of Empero Theodosius and the bronze Serpentine Column are the monuments embellishing the Hippodrome.

TOPKAPI PALACE :This extraordinary and secret palace was the residence of the Ottoman Sultans and the center of Ottoman might for nearly 400 years. The buildings are a ypical example of Ottoman architecture and the rooms exhibit rich collections of porcelains, robe, weapons, shields, armors, Ottoman miniatures, Islamic calligraphicmanuscripts as well as Ottoman treasures an jewellery.

GRAND BAZAAR :The largest covered market in the World with more than 60 streets and 4,000 shops, were you may find in an authentic oriental atmosphere all kind o gifts, leather clothing, rugs and kilims, antiques, jewellery, hand-woven fabrics etc…

Monday : Hagia Sophia      * Tuesday : Topkapi Palace          * Sunday: Grand Bazaar

Transportation, English speaking Guidance, Museums and Entrance Fees & Lunch.


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